Eric and Sabrina Lavender of Charleston Pirate Tours with their daughter, Ariel

Becoming Pirates

In 2009, Eric and Sabrina threw away their corporate suits and became pirates, launching their own company, Charleston Pirate Tours.  With backgrounds in tourism, theater, and marketing, along with pet parrots, a walking tour company with living history components made perfect sense.  Their daughter, Ariel, pitches in to help, too!     

Giving back to the community is very important to us.  We donate a portion of all sales to the Powder Magazine Museum, a National Historic Landmark in Charleston, and support non-profit groups across the country with donations and special appearances.  

Charleston tour research

Ongoing Research

Avid researchers and native South Carolinians, their expertise extends well beyond

piracy to include all aspects of Charleston and the surrounding lowcountry.  When 

they're not entertaining tour guests, you can find them in the state archives or at the 

South Carolina Historical Society researching primary resources for the interesting 

tidbits and details that set their tours apart from others.  Eric keeps telling Sabrina that

he needs to go to Nassau and Jamaica for research.

Charleston Pirate Tours' parrots, Captain Bob and Doozer

Our Parrots

Captain Bob is one of the many animals, who live with us.  We adopted this beautiful Blue & Gold Macaw from BirdLove Avian Sanctuary in Columbia, SC.

We also adopted his "sister," Doozer the Diva, from BirdLove.  Doozer is is a yellow-naped Amazon.  As you can see, Doozer likes to help out around the office.

Captain Bob and Doozer love getting out of the house and getting attention.  In addition to doing tours with us, they also make appearances at events, schools, and museums. They even go out to eat with us!

Directions to Tours

Charleston Pirate Tour & Charleston History Highlights Tour Directions

Directions to Charleston Pirate Tour and Charleston History Highlights Tour

Both of these tours begin in the Powder Magazine Museum at 79 Cumberland St.

Children's Treasure Hunt Directions

Directions to Charleston Chldren's Treasure Hunt Tour

The Children's Tour begins at the corner of East Battery St. & Murray Blvd. in White Point Gardens.

Evening Ghost & Pirate Tour Directions

Directions to Charleston Pirate and Ghost Tour

Our evening tour begins next to the Old Exchange at the corner of Gendron and East Bay Streets.

Daytime Ghost & History Tour Directions

Directions to Daytime Ghost and History Tour

The Daytime Ghost and History Tour begins in Washington Square next to the statue of George Washington.  There are entrances to the park on Broad St., Meeting St., and Chalmers St.

Our Museum Partners

Powder Magazine Museum

Powder Magazine Museum, Charleston

All of our tours include admission to the Powder Magazine Museum, a National Historic Landmark.  Filled with interactive exhibits, including a video game that sinks pirates ships, it's a great place to visit for adults and children.

The Powder Magazine is the only standing component of the original fortifications that once surrounded Charleston. It is also considered to be the city's first preservation project. 

By 1704 Charles Towne was an walled city.  The  Powder Magazine was completed in the North West corner of this enclosure in 1713 under the Lord Proprietors' rule.  The walled city was was four blocks long and two blocks wide, bordered by the present Meeting, Cumberland, East Bay and Water Streets.  The entrance gates and the drawbridge were at Meeting and Broad Streets.  A Half Moon Battery was at the other end of Broad Street.  Four Bastions (military outposts) protecting the city were located at each corner of the walled city with eighty-four cannons along the waterfront protecting the city from the French, the Spanish, the pirates and the Native Americans.

The Powder Magazine has been restored to its original appearance (except for the addition of a thin plaster wash inside to protect the brick from a chronic moisture problem).  It was used as a powder magazine from 1713-1770 and again briefly during the Revolutionary War.  Its other uses during its first 200 years were as a stable, a wine cellar, a print shop and finally a museum. 

Visit the Powder Magazine website.

Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon


Charleston Pirate Tours is proud to also partner with the Old Exchange.  You can add Old Exchange admission when you purchase our tour tickets.

Built in 1771, The Old Exchange is a ‘must-see’ for all Charleston visitors. During your visit, you will discover this building’s integral role in our country’s quest for independence, as well as the part it played in local, station, and national history from the Colonial Period to today.  

The top two floors are self-guided, and costumed docents lead tours of the Provost Dungeon on the bottom floor. 

Visit the Old Exchange website.