Daytime Ghost & History Tour

Graveyard on Charleston Ghost Tour

Mon - Sun at 1 pm.  Tour begins in Washington Square (park entrance at 74 Broad St.)

See the sites you won't see on other Charleston ghost tours!  Some of Charleston’s most fascinating ghost stories are in areas that organized tours cannot go at night, so we offer you the chance to see these spooky sites during a daytime tour. 

Duels, unrequited love, wars, and natural disasters have left us with more than our fair share of specters!  Many of them roam the quiet streets in the city’s most picturesque neighborhoods, and that’s exactly where this tour goes. 

Along the way, we'll also share some interesting Charleston history tidbits.

Tour includes admission to the Powder Magazine Museum.  

Parrots do not accompany this tour.​​​

Ticket Prices

Adults:  $22

Senior & Military:  $20

Children 4-12:  $13

Kids under 4:  Free

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