Charleston for Children: Treasure Hunt Tour

Splitting up the plunder on the Charleston Children's Treasure Hunt Tour

 Monday - Sunday at 10:30 am

Tour begins at the corner of East Battery and Murray Blvd.  

It's hard finding fun things to do in Charleston with kids, so we developed this hour-long tour for families with young buccaneers.  

All of the children sign our pirate articles to join the crew.  Next, we practice sword drills, so the crew is ready for the adventure.  Each child receives a sword and pirate bandana to keep as souvenirs.  Don't worry, Mom & Dad... the swords are foam rubber!  

We then set out on our treasure hunt, exploring the pirate history of White Point Gardens and Charleston Harbor.  

Children also get to make their own pirate flags.  The tour ends when we find the treasure chest and divvy up the plunder.  Aye!  The kids get more souvenirs from the treasure chest and their very own parrot (again, don't worry, parents... it's a balloon parrot, so you don't have to feed it or worry about parrot poop!​.

Kids and adults enjoy the Children's Treasure Hunt Tour.

What our guests say:

"Historical facts with some funny anecdotes added kept the adults thoroughly entertained, while sword-fighting lessons, map reading for clues and racing from one clue site to the next gave the kids a super adventure!"

"PERFECT for the kiddos as well as entertaining for adults...Captain Sabrina is awesome, and the kids love her.  Must-do for the family."

Sword drills during the Children's Treasure Hunt Tour.  The kids get to keep the swords!

Admission to the Powder Magazine Museum is included.

This tour is recommended for children 8 and under.  Children under 3 are free, but if you want them to receive swords, treasure, and make flags, please purchase the Child 3-12 ticket. 

Children must be accompanied by a paid adult.

In the event of extreme temperatures, parrots may not be on the tour.

Ticket Prices:

Adults:  $12

Children:  $16

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