Charleston Pirate Tours

Meet Eric

Giving back to the community is very important to us. We donate a portion of all sales to the Powder Magazine Museum, a National Historic Landmark in Charleston, and to BirdLove Avian Sanctuary, the parrot rescue facility where we adopted Captain Bob the blue and gold macaw and Doozer the Diva, a yellow-naped Amazon.


"Are those real pistols?"  No, just really good fakes.

"Is that a real sword?"  Yes.

"Is that a real bird?"  Yes.

"Does he talk?"  Yes, sometimes too much.

Is that your real hair?" In earlier photos, no, but my wife suggested I grow my real hair longer, so I don't have to wear the dreadlocks wig and suffer heatstroke in the summer.

We'd love to share with you our unique view of Charleston from the cobblestone streets and barrier islands to Fort Sumter and the plantations and points inbetween. When you book a tour with Eric, you book a tour with the best friend you haven't met yet. Can't tell you how many folks call us every time they visit the Holy City, because they want to tour with Eric again.

A native South Carolinian, Eric Lavender is a widely regarded authority on pirate history in the Carolinas, not only giving tours in Charleston, but also appearing at museums, schools, events, and libraries across the southeast. Eric also acted as a consultant and appeared in an Public Television program featuring Charleston pirates.

As a professional, licensed Charleston tour guide and owner of a walking tour company, Eric's expertise extends well beyond piracy to include all aspects of Charleston and the surrounding lowcountry. When Eric's not entertaining our tour guests, you can find him in the state historical archives or at the Charleston Historical Foundation researching primary resources for the interesting tidbits and details that set his tours apart from others. Eric is a favorite tour guide of national charter companies, corporate groups, schools, and destination management companies. Eric has been featured on A&E, Liftime, ETV, Bing Travel, and numerous other television, radio, print, and online media outlets.

We are members of the Charleston Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Charleston Travel Council, the Charleston Tour Association, & the Charleston Hoteliers Exchange Club, so, along with the fact that we're natives, we have relationships with attractions, restaurants, caterers, and hotels throughout the area and have the inside track on putting together specialized private and group tours with the best the Charleston has to offer.

As you'll see by the photos, Eric does most of his tours in authentic, period, apparel. However, he does clean up pretty well and is happy to serve as your guide wearing business casual.

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