Charleston Pirate Tours

Tap into 300 years of Charleston history with the Charles Towne Pub Stroll!

Stroll with our pirates & colonial rogues to some of Charleston's favorite taverns and hear unusual, but true, Charleston stories that you won't hear on the run-of-the-mill history tours.  Where else but Charles Towne would a clergy member get so drunk that he baptized a bear?

Discover why Charleston is not only steeped in history, but also steeped in spirits.  In fact, in its early days, Charles Towne had 1 pub for every 5 men.  Your period-dressed guide regales you with stories of early drinking habits, Prohibition-era criminals, and the historical oddities of the Holy City. 

Along the way, guests of appropriate age can enjoy libations in the various taverns.  Beverages are not included in the price of the tour... that would be against SC state law, and we don't want to run afoul of the law. Also, the reason that our tour costs less than other pub tours is the fact that we do not include food.  We don't want you to pay for food that you don't want or don't like!  Of course, if you get hungry, you can purchase food along with drink at one of the pubs.  The tour lasts 2 1/2 to 3  hours.

Must be at least 21 years old to participate in tour.

Charleston Pirate Tours and Historic Places of Charleston, LLC have a proud history of providing professional and safe tours. Before purchasing a ticket for this tour, please be aware of the following:
- This tour will function in a public environment; therefore, Charleston Pirate Tours and Historic Places of Charleston, LLC will not be responsible nor held liable for the behavior of tour guests, pedestrians, or unforeseeable street walking accidents throughout the duration of any Historic Places of Charleston, LLC presentation.
- Charleston Pirate Tours and Historic Places of
Charleston, LLC have no affiliation with private establishments and with the purchasing and consumption of alcoholic beverages. 
- The cost of tour admission does not include food and beverages that an individual may choose to purchase between stories while on the "Charles Towne Pub Stroll."
- The City of Charleston prohibits all alcoholic beverages on the street.

Ring Game at Blind Tiger

... and the winner is...

Ok, the monkey has nothing to do with the tour. We just really like the picture!

Pubs, pirates, patriots,
police, priests, prostitutes... Charleston's history through the bottom of a glass...

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Even early visitors to our fair city remarked on Charleston's hedonistic character. "The people of Charleston live rapidly, not willingly letting go untasted any of the pleasures of life."

The Tavern - more than 325 years as a spirits establishment! From waterfront tavern to speakeasy to liquor store.

Washington Square, where your adventurous evening begins.

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